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Moving from Sweden Soon

Moving from Sweden Soon?

If you are planning on moving from Sweden, it is important to know that moving from Sweden will create some performance challanges for the team moving you, it might be burdensome if you are unaware of the peculiarities of the country. It is often said that moving to or from Sweden is more difficult than moving to other European countries. One of the most strenuous aspects of relocating to or from Sweden is the process of transporting your valuable belongings. There are so many dos and don’ts. 

For example, if you ship your cargo and expect it to arrive on a day that is a holiday is Sweden, you can be sure that your shipment will get delayed because in Sweden, great importance is given to holidays and people simply do not appreciate working on holidays. In addition, it is also advised to ship your cargo in the middle of the month as the beginning parts and the end parts of the month are full of activities in Sweden so if you want to prevent delays, ship in the middle of the month. 

These are just a few simple examples not least is to consider logistics health and safety. There are many more which you might not be familiar with simply because you do not have experience in moving to Sweden. So, what are you to do to becoming familiar with the dos and don’ts so you do not experience difficulties in your move to Sweden? Well, you can start off by doing some research but the real solution is to hire a reputable, experienced removal company such as Movecorp.

Sweden – First International Route of Movecorp

If you are looking for a reputable and experienced removals company, Movecorp is definitely the company for you. You will be happy to know that Sweden has become one of the first international routes of Movecorp. You can easily ship your valuables to Sweden using this removal company. Hiring MoveCorp to manage and execute your move to Sweden certainly has its benefits. Here are a few:

Protection of Your Valuables

This removal company will make sure that your valuables arrive in Sweden safely and securely. If you were to ship your belongings on your own, chances are some would get damaged in the process.


As this company has experience in removals, it will be able to provide you with all the information you need on making your move to Sweden as simple as possible.


Knowing the ins and outs of removals, this company will be able to arrange your removal in a swift and efficient manner.

Tips on Shipping from Sweden

Here are some tips:

Personal Effects

Due to the fact that Sweden is a member of the European Union, if you are an EU citizen, you can ship your personal effect duty free to Sweden.  


You are not allowed to ship any and everything from Sweden. Items such as ammunition, inflammable goods, narcotics and offensive materials are prohibited. 


Domestic Pets

Your pets cannot be shipped just like that from Sweden. You must hire a specialized shipper of animals to be able to send your pets from Sweden.

Leaving Sweden

If you are having second doubts about your move from Sweden, here are a few reasons why should definitely consider studing logistics. First of all the unemployment rate there is low which means that there is a wide range of employment opportunities for you. Secondly, the country has a strong welfare state with a good education system, excellent health care system and great tertiary education possibilities. Employees are normally paid a higher salary in Sweden than they are paid in the UK. 

Overall Removals Planning Tips

In general, if you want to ensure a successful removal to another country, your key to success is planning. Even if you will be connecting people with goods, to orchestrate your move, you need to plan it properly. For example, you cannot hire a company today if you plan on moving tomorrow or if you need to be in Sweden in a week to report for your new job. Time is a very important factor to consider when planning your move and if you do not consider time, your move will not be successful no matter how good a job the removal company does. Be sure to plan your move months in advance. Start researching removal companies months in advance so that you can make the right choice. However, where we are concerned,  MOVECORP is definitely the right choice for your removal so start contacting them today so that they can help you to start planning your removal to Sweden. 


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Moving From Sweden Soon

Moving From Sweden Soon


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